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The Best Hotel in the World

Welcome to our brand new website!

For our first post, we decided to share our review of what is simply our favorite hotel in the entire world.

The hotel is Buckingham Place in Sri Lanka, and really is a must visit for everyone!

Extract from Tripadvisor

Booked 2 nights, stayed 22

We have traveled all over the world and can honestly say that this place is our favo

rite ever hotel. It beats any luxury Maldives island or high-end Dubai hotel with ease. Read all the amazing reviews on here to get an idea what makes this place so special and why we decided to stay here. Some highlights which really sets this place apart for us were: -Miles of a truly secluded stretch of beach that we rarely see another soul on. - Watching the sunset on the beach one night, only to witness 2 baby turtles hatch right next to us and watch their entire journey to the ocean! - The best breakfast we’ve ever had, in any hotel. Ever. Mind you, we ate there 22 days on the run and never got tired of the menu. - The level of nature that simply exists alongside you is breathtaking. A huge family of monkeys passes by frequently without even noticing you are there. Rocky the rescue pony roams the grounds and there are more than a few peacocks wandering about daily. It seriously feels like you are living in the jungle book. - Impeccable artwork and style. The view from the restaurant is of the pool and the ocean. Absolutely stunning. This hotel has serious class. There are too many superlatives to attach to this hotel, but what really sets it apart and makes Buckingham Place what it is, is the owner himself, Nick. Nick is of the most friendly, interesting, and welcoming hosts we have ever come across. It was an absolute pleasure to watch Nick make his rounds from table to table every morning and evening, and we spent more than a few nights closing down the bar with him. He took interest in each and every guest staying with him, and this made for such a personal experience. The hotel would truly not be the same without him. Nicks friendliness and attention to detail has been passed on to his staff, who also share his vision, dedication to detail, and desire to make your stay magical. We never imagined we could possibly stay in one place so long. We had more than a few trips planned in Sri Lanka that we ended up canceling because we knew nothing could compare to Buckingham Place. In the end, our only regret is that we wished we could have stayed even longer. On our last night, Nick planned such an amazing night for us. It was the best send off we've ever had. We will most certainly be back, hopefully, sooner than later. Keep the bar stocked for us Nick!

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